An artist based in Columbus Ohio, Sara Adrian primarily paints in Oils, Acrylics, works digitally and also enjoys exploring other art forms such as printmaking, watercolor, and more. 

She explores our relationship to the natural world with symbolism, magical realism, and both ancient and modern myth. 

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Franklinton Friday

December 10,11, and 12

400 West RIch Street 

Studio #157

On street parking for free & theres a parking garage at 111 Liberty Street ($5)

‘People you’ll Never Know’ is a transitional show featuring paintings, drawings, and prints. The subjects are people that are entirely made up that don’t exist anywhere (any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental). Maybe they come from dreams, or people half remembered, or maybe they are aspects of self… who can say?

Visit strongwatercolumbus.com for restaurant hours.

Address is 401 W Town Street. Columbus Ohio 43215

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